Moving Tales Inc is a project based research, production & publishing company creating a wide variety of old school and cutting edge mixed media spatial content. MTI was founded in 2010 by architect, curator, executive producer Matthew Talbot-Kelly. MTI realizes works for MTK, aka A Knobe Dee and members of the almost collective.

We are honoured and grateful to live on, play on and work from the unceded traditional lands and waters of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh and shíshálh peoples.

tablet controlled, “first person” 3d game engine driven, slow motion, interactive portraits

puppetry, physical installation, film, interactive audio, AR, database

3 channel animation/installation

VR, interactive

design, digital architecture and set extensions

film, 3d animation, collaboration w Peter Hatch

interactive audio, physical installation

database, interactive

digital/analogue animated 3d collage film

video, 3d animation, loops

animation, film, physical installation

digital and analogue animated film

interactive audio, installation 

video, 3d animation, loops, physical installation

animated interactive audio & visual iPad app

animated interactive audio & visual iPad app

animated interactive audio & visual ebook


A Knobe Dee (Matthew Talbot Kelly)

designer, architect, virtual architect

Y Knobe Dee

project management & data visualization

Nolan TK Studio

industrial design, prototyping & manufacture

Giorgio Magnenensi

architect, composer, haptic audio instrument designer/inventor & creative lead

Daryl Thachuck

iOS, OS X, Windows & Android application development

I Knobe Dee

carver, tattooist & musician

Silas Who?

data designer, research, mint maker

Kedar Khot

photography, videography, visual effects supervisor

B Knobe Dee

VR/AR/XR engineer


tailor, designer, maker

Rocco Turino

casting & foundry processes

Leo Wieser

set design & build, animatronics

C Knobe Dee

communications manager, web and print design, public facing 2d materials

O Knobe Dee, Unknown, Oh Knobe Dee

3d modelling, texturing & animation

OB1 Knobe Dee

html scripting, data wrangling, and big question questioner

OK Knobe Dee

miniatures & model making


Ajit Koujalgi . Steve Fanagan . Sylvie Flouttard . Teemu Auersalo . Madhu . Andy Clarke . Lalit Verma . Ronan Coyle . Dereck Revington . Jacqueline O Rogers . Michael Billette . Betty Abbott . Louise Barkholt . Peter Hatch . Larry Weinstein . Cole Pollock . Kay Yu . Axel Fussi . Jim Fleming . Martin Rose . TK . Tim McLaughlin . Sandy Buck . Christian Chan . Daryl Thachuk . Jason King . Laboratorio Arts Society . Marie-Françoise Guedon . Cormac Duffy . Linnéa Rowlett . Karen Duffek . Diana Robertson . Silvana Kane . Alan Duncan . Karina Bailey . Andres Durango . Jeffrey Smith . Mariken van Nimwegan . Angela Sumegi . Alan Hernandez . Jose Yapor . Ruth Vincent . Mark Doherty . Manoj Dixit . Dave D’Arcy . Alan Clarke . Devangi Ramakrishnan . Karen Benbasset Ali . Klaus & Marjut Dunker . Amelia Epp . Tracey Friesen . Nicky Gogan . Geoffrey Hancock . Heather Gatz . Zwaantje Jansen . Ajit Koujalgi . Kasha Vande . Ajit . Jon Peters . Oliver Schroer . Dean Warner . Eugene McCrystal . Chloe Talbot Smith . Nicola Turino . Simon Vincent