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What is a blog?

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This much I know is true:

What a blog is NOT

waves, at South Beach Co. Wicklow
a stiff creak in the hip
a velvet curtained stage
a dog chasing a passing cyclist
dirt under my finger nails after transplanting raspberry canes
salty sea wind on my face
the half hour ahead of us

What a blog IS

the world as it looks through a series of broken mirrors
a dark undulating plain, in which certain moments are spotlit
part of the story I put down, that cannot fade
a digital loom, for words and images
a way to describe loose ends of thought
like a sound, just for the sake of it, in a public stairwell
a white sky full of zeros and ones
holding a pose, in text
‘ memory’s furious land ‘

What a blog COULD be

up for consideration
a new way to think about your dog
bewildering cubist constructions and biomorphic shapes
a way to shake up internal composure
something to read at an airport

Welcome to the Moving Tales blog

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You have found your way here. Good. Welcome. We plan on having some fun with this blog. Our main intent is to give you a sense of some of the peripheral happenings to the creation of Moving Tales titles. One might say we will riff on process matters. We might provide a glimpse of the production or research processes, we might tell you of initiatives we are considering, we might ruminate or speculate on various matters. We might post images, video clips, audio clips, links etc. You know how it is, blog stuff. Importantly, we want to hear from you too. Please join us.

As lovers and advocates of well considered words, traditional culture, and playful slow media, we asked ourselves how should we engage with Twitter which, on the face of it, given its impulse-driven fast moving nature, seemingly stands … Read More »

The world is an enigma

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Is the world an enigma to be deciphered, or merely one to behold?

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