19 Things About the Founders

1. Matthew and Jacqueline started Moving Tales while waiting for the kettle to boil. It was an opportunity for them to collaborate after twenty years together.

2. Jacqueline realizes that the inquisitive, young two-wheeled Elly is her alter ego. Matthew realizes that his alter ego may turn out to be Bones, the grotesquely bald, spatially paranoid, mute, staccato, old & anachronistic clock-maker from his film “The Trembling Veil of Bones”. One day Moving Tales will publish their adventures: skydiving, snorkeling and going to Playland together. 

3. They love what they do. They don’t consider it work.

4. Matthew is a graduate architect.  Jacqueline is a professional gardner. Their house and garden is an 18 year work-in-progress.

5. They share a love of collage, painting, films, storytelling, and music. They have three grown children. 

6. Matthew and Jacqueline and kids spent a number of years “commuting” between Ireland and Western Canada.

7. They lived, worked and played in a small town outside of Vancouver, in the Pacific Northwest. 

8. It was while living and visiting in Ireland, France and Italy that they started to learn about slowing down. Though they often get excited and forget to slow down. 

9. Canadian Jacqueline O Rogers is a self taught artist, writer and teacher.

10. Irish-Canadian Matthew Talbot-Kelly is a self taught artist, animator, film maker & entrepreneur.

11. They had regular encounters with bears, deer, eagles, cormorants and dolphins in the rain forests and the shores of the coast where they lived. They love to prowl cities too, periodically needing a fix of urbanity where they can encounter all manner of architecture, detritus and humanity.

12. Matthew is an award winning independent film maker. His films have been shown all over the world in dozens of countries.

13. In spring of 2014, Jacqueline and Matthew spent four months living in Pondicherry, India, where they did an artist residency and shared exhibition.

14. In the last few years, Matthew has started making more architectural installations, which often combine physical and digital elements. www.matthewtalbotkelly.com

15. Jacqueline’s idea of heaven is to spend her day making things – from words, images, or food. Along with some hours puttering in the garden.

16. Matthew has been a key creative contributor to many Hollywood and independent films and episodic TV series.

17. Matthew and Jacqueline are slowly becoming proponents of the Slow App Movement and the larger Slow Living Movement.

18. They advocate that slowing down and settling into the moment to experience a media’s richness allows one to be more mindful of detail, allowing time for insight and reflection into universal life experiences. This can in turn promote relaxation and well being, especially in the face of a fast paced world of increasingly diminishing return.

19. Moving Tales’ first tri-lingual animated storytelling App was a bestseller all over the world. Their second title was a bestseller too.

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