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About Matthew Talbot-Kelly, Founder, Executive Producer, Creative Director

“We started Moving Tales to explore the intersection of traditional storytelling, animation, sound, art, interactive media and play. While we are proud of all our titles – they stand up well to the tests of time – we feel we are just scratching the surface. Join us in answering the question of where do we go from here.”

Matthew is the creative and entrepreneurial engine behind Moving Tales. Matthew is involved in many aspects of the company, including the company’s business, content and research strategies, designing and directing the titles and their respective engines, leading the internal teams, and catalyzing many of the company initiatives.

Matthew has been a digital creator for over 25 years. Since receiving an ‘analog’ Bachelor of Architecture, Matthew’s ‘digital’ output has spread from film and animation, to web & TV, from house and garden design, to the design of exhibits & books, from static & motion graphics, to static and moving art. For the last twenty years, much of Matthew’s physical and filmic art making has been focussed around collage and animation.

Matthew is the creator/director/producer of two acclaimed hybrid digital animation and live action 3d collage films: Blind Man’s Eye (2007) & The Trembling Veil of Bones (2010), and four animated Apps and six enhanced Ebooks. Matthew’s films have been screened in film festivals throughout the world, including London, Edinburgh, Brussels, Bilbao, Rome, Prague, Melbourne, Jaipur, Saguenay, Rio de Janeiro, Cork, Bristol, Dresden, Dublin, Venice, Telluride, Bucharest, Galway, San Francisco, and St Petersburg. Matthew’s most recent presentations of his work include TedXSechelt, Laboratorio 02 in Roberts Creek, and an NFB Animation Master Class in Vancouver.

Matthew’s digital efforts have received individual and shared accolades, including Best Director (TTV of B at 2010 Leo’s) Best Animated Film (TTV of B at 2011 Victoria Film Festival), a runner-up for DBW 2011’s Publishing Innovation Award (PLoGC), 2005 Gold ICAD Award (DDN show opening), 2005 Emmy Award, (HBO’s Rome, Best Visual FX), and a 2004 Academy Award nomination (iRobot, Best Visual FX).

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About Jacqueline O Rogers, Co-Founder, Editor, Writer/Artist-in-Residence

“As someone who loves stories but has difficulty embracing new technology, I feel positively excited about Moving Tales as a new form of book media and dynamic digital storytelling. The interactive aspects of Moving Tales redefines the relationship between the reader/user and the content. Moving Tales, with its evocative soundscapes and three dimensional animation, has opened up the world of storytelling, unlike anything I have previously experienced!”

“I am fascinated by the ways in which stories illuminate life in all its complexity, and the ways in which they confirm and question our perceptions of the world.”

“My life is purposefully driven by the question:  Is the world an enigma to decipher, or one to behold? I’m inquisitive by nature, a lover of stories, a lover of process and abstraction – I enjoy looking for the mystery behind the familiar, the lyrical in the everyday and the way in which the unconscious shapes the idiosyncratic order of things. I am interested in the ways we learn, think and live and how we can do so with meaning and passion. My ambition is to live boldly, with fervor and curiosity until all life’s clever strategies designed to seduce with beauty and entice with wonder are used up.”

Jacqueline researches and writes much of Moving Tales’ content, and is integral to developing the creative vision of the company. Jacqueline is the author of four Moving Tales titles, including the worldwide bestselling “The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross”, and the authour/illustrator of one of the world’s first interactive ebooks, “Elly’s Lost & Found Sounds”. Jacqueline is an artist, writer, poet and mum of three teenagers.  Self taught Jacqueline likes to write, paint images and create puppet creatures. Jacqueline teaches children’s classes in visual arts and the introduction of French language through art, music, story and games.

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About Andrew Chapman, Special Projects Director

“At a time when technology is revealing exciting new avenues for storytelling, I’m pleased to be working with MT to craft and deliver great content for the modern audience.”

Andrew is an avid technology maven and film professional. With his background in R&D, expertise in high-end stills and motion picture camera technology and experience working in film post production studios around the world, Australian born and raised Andrew is a hands on, systematic, and passionate tech-savvy creator.  With Moving Tales, Andrew is focussing specifically on bringing new concepts through production and to market by leveraging his diverse and varied professional background in software development (film post production tools), feature film services (visual effects, on set & plate supervision), and aviation (full scale private pilot and unmanned aerial photography services). A superlative communicator, debonair Andrew loves to drive anything that goes fast – from motorbikes, to cars to small aeroplanes.

Troy, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Hellboy 2, Suckerpunch, Transformers 3 and Neil Blomkamp’s Elysium are some of the features to which Andrew has made key contributions. Andrew has a First Class Honours, Bachelor of Science in Computing Science with a Sub-Major in Computer Graphics, from the University of Technology, Sydney.




About Jason King, Special Projects Director

“Moving Tales is taking us to exactly where we thought technology would, but we’re all going to be very surprised when we get there.”

At Moving Tales, Jason is focussed on development of new media and narrative concepts. Jason is a multi-disciplinary designer who has practiced architecture internationally since 1997. King’s creative practice has specialized in the design of many innovative projects that forefront issues of technology mediation, education and community building. These innovative environments have been commissioned and built for companies such as IBM, Sony and Virgin.

Jason earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Toronto and a Master of Architecture degree from Harvard University. Jason has taught and lectured at institutions such as Harvard University, the University of Texas (Austin), Art Center College of Design, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Parsons School of Design, the University of Kentucky, the Pratt Institute School of Architecture, University of British Columbia, Barnard College and Columbia University in New York, the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London, the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-ARC) and the University GD Annunzio in Pescara, Italy.

King’s diverse work has been honoured in various venues throughout the world, including: an AIA Honor Award, I.D. Magazine’s Design Distinction Award and the Canada Council’s most prestigious award in architecture, the Prix de Rome.




About Jess Sloss, Director of Digital Strategy

“Where there is disruption there is opportunity. We’ve gone from a world where success depended upon being chosen to succeed, to one where success depends more on our ideas and execution than on being anointed has a chosen one. Where once we needed publishing or record deals or to make it on Oprah or the New York times, we now need a spark of ingenuity and a confident voice. The internet has reduced the friction of creating and sharing and put the opportunity for success squarely in the  hands of the artist. My job is to help artists realize, and prosper, from that change.

Jess brings considerable Social Media and Online Communications expertise to Moving Tales. Daily, through his consulting and teaching, Jess sees that the way people learn and communicate has been revolutionized by technology – specifically the internet and social media. A strong proponent of permission marketing, Jess believes that personal success comes from helping others achieve their goals.

Jess graduated from Capilano University in Marketing and Organizational Behavior. Until recently he was the Director of Digital Media at Artist Booking and Management company The Feldman Agency where he led the online launch of it’s US subsidary Parallel 49 Agency, and provided social marketing analysis and strategy to such Feldman clients as Sarah Mclaughlin, Bette Middler and Robin Williams. Jess has consulted on digital initiatives with Macklam Feldman Management and Watchdog Management as well as their artists Diana Krall, The Chieftains,  Mother Mother, Chantal Kreviazuk, Shane Koyczan and more.

In addition to work in the music industry, Jess helped World Wide Bag media and Kootenay Mountain Publishing, develop online products and audiences around their brands. Previously Jess worked with companies such as Giant Ant Media, Credit Counselling Agency, The Richmond Automall, Small Business BC, CGAs of BC and the Cross Country Ski Areas Association of North America.

Along with his consulting work, Jess teaches Social Media at Capilano University and speaks regularly on the topics of Digital Disruption, Social Media fluency and digital communications.

Don’t be shy to reach out, connect, follow, friend or subscribe to Jess, he loves to engage!

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About Christi Thompson, Special Business Advisor

“Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.” ~ Robert Fripp

Christi works closely with Moving Tales in developing our ‘long view’ – a content focussed, grassroots and sustainable business strategy. Personally engaged and hands-on with the artists she manages, Christi helps them create a multifaceted strong foundation on which to build their long term success. Christi’s artist management philosophy is built on the fundamentals of retaining IP ownership and grassroots value-added engagement with fans.

Christi has a prolific background in international entertainment management. She has worked with multi-platinum recording artists Matthew Good, Holly McNarland, Lillix, Xavier Rudd and partnered with Matthew McConaughey and jklivin’ Records with Reggae Billboard chart topper Mishka. Christi recently joined forces with renowned entertainment management company Macklam Associates who represent legendary artists such as James Taylor, Elvis Costello, Diana Krall, Colin James, Ry Cooder, The Chieftains and Melody Gardot. Christi’s current roster includes Wake Owl, CarterRollins and spoken word poet Shane Koyczan.

Thompson Management




About Daryl Thachuk, Software Developer

“Where is the ocean?”

With expertise and deep experience in Apple iOS and OSX, Daryl has been providing creative and innovative solutions for over 15 years. The software guru behind Moving Tales’ innovative book engine, Daryl is a proud problem solver that is able to deliver timely solutions that work! Also experienced in Android, Daryl knows the Apple iOS and OSX inside and out, having used the technology since 1992 when it was NeXTSTEP.

Daryl works out of Calgary as Montage Technologies.



About Dean Warner, Ebook Consultant

“Moving Tales is a living collage; a form changing shape from every observable angle.”

As a self taught experimentalist practicing in woodworking, photography, digital media, and sound design, Dean brings his adventurous and disciplined spirit for technical problem solving and an appreciation of a wide variety of art forms to the Moving Tales team. Since Joining Moving Tales, Dean has been honing his coding skills in the development of interactive, feature rich Ebook content for mobile and desktop platforms.

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About Ruth Vincent, Executive Producer Special Projects

“I have learned successful commercial art requires faithfulness to concept, persistence in spite of evidence, and a thoughtfully planned execution that allows for the inevitable delights and surprises.  MT embodies these ethos, this methodology, in the creation of compelling transmedia art.  I’m excited to be a part of the adventure.”

Ruth Vincent is an animation producer with a long commitment to the arts community. She has worked on the nuts and bolts of production, business affairs, finance and accounting on the general planning and infrastructure of these businesses since 1990. Working as a producer on domestic and international projects to production accounting in years past, Ruth has a thorough knowledge of the financial implications of creative decisions. Well regarded for her production smarts, cool head, integrity, and grace under pressure, Ruth knows what it takes to deliver quality work, on time and on budget.



About Teemu Auersalo, 3d Animation Lead, ‘The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross’, director of ‘The Unwanted Guest’

“My job of animating the Pedlar character in ‘The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross’ was unusual because the illustrations have to work as independent pieces of animation which draw the reader in but at the same time they have to work as something that just plays on the background if the reader wants to concentrate on the text. New platform and new approach, yet the most important element in Moving Tales to me are the great stories themselves.”

Teemu Auersalo is a Finnish animator and director living in Ireland. He graduated from the National Film School in Dublin in 2000 and has since been specialising in 3D character animation. Teemu’s animation has been featured in TV-series, children’s feature films, short films and music videos. His personal work brings elements from drawn animation, stop motion and other film techniques into 3D animation. Teemu’s short film ‘Trolley Boy’premiered in the summer of 2009 and has since gone on to screen all over the world.




About Alan Clarke, Conceptual & Character Design, ‘The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross’, and ‘The Unwanted Guest’

“As a book illustrator, being involved in Moving Tales has been a fascinating experience. The iPad removes many of the limitations of traditional book illustration, and unlike illustrating a book, the process of creating a Moving Tales story is the work of a team, including writer, director, animators and programmers. The possibilities offered by the technology allow the creation of a world with sound and movement and interaction, and therefore a much more cohesive and absorbing experience. To see my character designs come to life like this is a real treat! I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I do.”

Alan Clarke studied Architecture at The Dublin School of Architecture, and illustration at University College Falmouth, Cornwall, England. Alan divides his time between working on commissioned projects and self initiated work for exhibition – in recent years it is his self initiated work that has become his main focus. His paintings and prints have been exhibited widely in Ireland, and also in Italy, the UK, Japan, Germany and the US. Among the books he has illustrated are Something Beginning with P, an anthology of children’s poetry, Irish Tales of Mystery and Magic, written by Eddie Lenihan, and the award winning Ross O’Carroll-Kelly series, which has topped the Irish bestseller list for the last number of years.




About Anna Laura Cantone, Conceptual & Character Design, ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’


Anna Laura Cantone enjoys painting and creating sculpture using various materials including papier-machè, metal, clay and found objects. She is the illustrator of numerous silly children’s books.

Anna Laura received her degree in Illustration for Children in 1999 from the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan. Her artwork has been exhibited in Milan at the Libreria Bocca and the Galleria Nuages. Her work has been reviewed by Carlo Lovati of the Corriere della Sera and she has been interviewed on the national television for Rai Tre.

Anna Laura has always had a passion for art and illustration, and she feels especially inspired by Jacovitti for his sense of irony, Calder for his mastery of diverse materials and Mirò for his fantasy. She enjoys travelling and exploring diverse cultures, always keeping an eye open for the inspiration for the next story. She lives with her husband in Milan, Italy.




About Mark Doherty, English Voice Over, ‘The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross’ and ‘The Unwanted Guest’

“That so many innovative, interactive, elements can all come together to enhance an already excellent story makes this Moving Tales project exciting, and fascinating! I look forward to working on the next one.”

Mark Doherty is a writer and performer, living in Dublin, Ireland. He has written for radio, television, film, and stage, as well as spending 5 years as a stand-up comedian. His first stage play, Trad, premiered at the Galway Arts Festival in 2004, and has been produced many times since. His first feature film, A Film with Me in It, starring Dylan Moran, was released in Ireland in 2008. Mark’s voice is unique and recognizable from several high-profile ad campaigns on radio and television. Recent acting work includes Love and Hate (RTE), The Runway, Mr. Foley, Ondine (Neil Jordan), and The Ballad of Kid Kanturk.




About Erik Ellefsen, Lead 3d Animator, Crow and more


Erik is a superlative character animator. Erik’s animation career has taken him from Toronto, to Vancouver, to London, where he now lives. The Brothers Grimm, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Ella Enchanted, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen are some of the features film’s Erik has worked on.




About Amelia Epp, Education & Artist Outreach

“When encountering the Moving Tales stories for the first time, I excitedly began thinking about the many potential ways that they could be connected to learning. With their beautiful and dynamic blend of visual, oral, and written storytelling, they lend themselves so naturally to contemplative and imaginative explorations within the realms of language, performance, and visual arts. As an educator and artist, working with Moving Tales is an exciting opportunity to embark upon the development of learning activities as a truly creative exercise.”

Amelia Epp is an artist and art educator. Amelia completed her Masters Degree in art education in New York City, and is a certified teacher. As an educator she has worked with children, teens, and adults in schools, museums, after-school programs, and community-based organizations. As an artist, she works primarily with materials found in the natural world, as well as discarded and recycled objects – creating sculptures, paintings, prints, drawings, and collages. Experimentation, process, and play are important components of her practice as both an artist and art educator. In creating her artwork, she frequently makes use of meticulous processes, such as hand-stitching, to provide a record of time and to form an intimate bond with her materials. In working with recycled materials, such as tea bags and plastic bags, Amelia Epp explores their relationship to patterns of consumption, the environment, and the human body.




About Steve Fanagan, Music and Sound Designer, ‘The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross’ and ‘The Unwanted Guest’

“I am delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Matthew again, after our collaboration on his film ‘The Trembling Veil of Bones’. The Moving Tales format presented us with a very unique creative challenge, blending written word, illustration, film, music and sound ideas, and has been an absolute pleasure to help realise. Story telling is at the heart of what I try to achieve with sound and music, and this project allowed me explore this in a very new manner.”

For the past 14 years, Steve Fanagan has been plying his trade as a musician, sound engineer and sound designer. He currently lives and works in Ireland in a freelance capacity from Ardmore Sound, Screenscene and his own residential studio, and has worked on films by noted directors such as Neil Jordan, Oliver Hirschbiegel and Rebecca Miller. Steve did the score, sound design and sound mix for ‘The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross’ and ‘The Unwanted Guest’.




About Silvana Kane, Spanish Voice Over, ‘The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross’, ‘The Unwanted Guest’, ‘This Too Shall Pass’, and English Narration for ‘Elly’s Lost & Found Sounds’

“I was interested in working on this project (Pedlar lady) because it is the telling of a beautiful old tale, brought to life in an innovative and creative way. It is a story of dreams and belief in oneself… what could possibly be better than that?”

Silvana is an accomplished actress, as well as composer, producer and vocalist for the recording group ‘Pacifika’. Born in Lima, Peru to a musical and artistic family, she grew up exploring dance and theatre. She lives in Vancouver where she enjoys walking in the forest and watching the sun set over the mountains.