Moving Tales

About Matthew Talbot-Kelly, Founder, Executive Producer, Creative Director

“We started Moving Tales to explore the intersection of traditional storytelling, animation, sound, art, interactive media and play. While we are proud of all our titles – they stand up well to the tests of time – we feel we are just scratching the surface. Join us in answering the question of where do we go from here.”

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About Jacqueline O Rogers, Co-Founder, Writer-at-large

“As someone who loves stories but has difficulty embracing new technology, I feel positively excited about Moving Tales as a new form of book media and dynamic digital storytelling. The interactive aspects of Moving Tales redefines the relationship between the reader/user and the content. Moving Tales, with its evocative soundscapes and three dimensional animation, has opened up the world of storytelling, unlike anything I have previously experienced!”

“I am fascinated by the ways in which stories illuminate life in all its complexity, and the ways in which they confirm and question our perceptions of the world.”

“My life is purposefully driven by the question:  Is the world an enigma to decipher, or one to behold? I’m inquisitive by nature, a lover of stories, a lover of process and abstraction – I enjoy looking for the mystery behind the familiar, the lyrical in the everyday and the way in which the unconscious shapes the idiosyncratic order of things. I am interested in the ways we learn, think and live and how we can do so with meaning and passion. My ambition is to live boldly, with fervor and curiosity until all life’s clever strategies designed to seduce with beauty and entice with wonder are used up.”

Jacqueline researches and writes much of Moving Tales’ content, and is integral to developing the creative vision of the company. Jacqueline is the author of four Moving Tales titles, including the worldwide bestselling “The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross”, and the authour/illustrator of one of the world’s first interactive ebooks, “Elly’s Lost & Found Sounds”. Jacqueline is an artist, writer, poet and mum of three.  Self taught Jacqueline likes to write, paint images and create puppet creatures. Jacqueline works and plays in numerous gardens and with cognitively compromised elders.

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