The Pedlar Lady of Cushing Cross – eBook

The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross is our first ePUB formatted eBOOK. We have completely redesigned and reformatted our beloved best-selling ThePedlar Lady of Gushing Cross tale and re-realized it as a large format, fixed layout eBook. In addition to the beautifully produced high resolution images, the eBook has options for English narration, music & sound effects, built-in dictionary, searchable text and single or double page viewing.

Inspired by the age-old tale of a man who becomes rich through a dream, The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross describes the journey of a poor pedlar woman who, guided by the shifting line between the real and the unreal, discovers a surprising and wonderful treasure. Featuring gentle universal values, the Pedlar Lady is a magical story told with poetic and evocative language.

The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross ebook edition is available for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone from the Books section of iTunes.

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