“… the other day I bought a new ebook, “The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross,” that is even more amazing (than Alice for the iPad); I’m so excited…. The writing is beautiful, and would make a fine book on paper…. It’s not just a book, not quite a movie, not a video, not an interactive game: it’s something new and thrilling.” Susan Orleon, The New Yorker

“Might be the best glimpse yet into what iPads can deliver to the storytelling experience. And the whole thing works beautifully” Bob Tedeschi, New York Times

A ‘Kirkus Star’ for Remarkable Merit:“… A magisterial rendition, with the digital bells and whistles kept firmly in service to the story.” Kirkus Reviews


“Enjoy a new and untraditional twist on a Yiddish folktale. Each page of this ebook delivers a striking animated scene — simple and spooky, sort of like a Tim Burton rough draft — as a voice actor reads the text. The result is an entirely new experience, part book and part short film.” Kyle VanHemert, Wired

Unwanted Guest – Moving Tales Is Back! The app is beautifully designed with extraordinary images. Every single page is a work of art, and the images move around to perfectly embody the text on the page. The story comes to life right before your eyes and looks amazing on the iPad….”

“Once upon a time there came along an app that changed the world of storytelling….” Canadian Family Magazine

“This is just amazing…. the drawings and the animations… well, they are just outstanding, both from an entertainment viewpoint and from an artistic viewpoint. I love ’em…. I also predict that this company will become the Pixar of animated e-books.” UK Blogger Eolake Stobblehouse

“Bells and whistles can entertain but briefly, whereas a good story gets inside our hearts and travels with us. Gushing Cross has etched itself indelibly on my map of imaginary places. Summary: Highly recommended for dreamers of all ages.”  

“A beautiful animated storybook.  This is what the iPad was made for! You know not the magic of such a thing until you’ve tried it… throw in some beautiful illustrations and surreal animation for good measure.  That’s what Moving Tales has done in this digital retelling of an age old tale, The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross. Gushing?  Damn straight I am, and for good reason.” Edwin McRae, The Fiction Engine

From iTunes:

★★★★★ “Breath taking – I am totally awed.” by Pdpgirl

★★★★★ “One of the best apps EVER!” by Wendy Day

★★★★★ “The Rebirth of Storytelling.” by 56K

★★★★★ The Standard for iPad Modern Picture Books.” by Anthony Dauer

★★★★★ “Beautifully illustrated and a lovely story. Pretty Magical stuff.” by labagmd

★★★★★ “This story and the production by Moving Tales is FANTASTIC!!!” by Carla409

★★★★★ “They have done it again! Could not recommend an app more.” by Hurt me

★★★★★ “How many words?! Great writing, story, words, voice, everything.” by The Col…

★★★★★ “I love it! As a teacher of many English language learners, I am really excited about the concept behind this story… animation, sound, and the written word with narration. What a cool way to get kids interested in reading.” by Tisha M