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Our Expertise
The mobile content space is evolving incredibly quickly. Our titles embody aspects of films, game and book production as well as interactive media. And yet they are something greater than the sum of these parts. During the process of creating our boundary pushing interactive content we have learned a thing or two. Knowledge which we share through the Service side of our business. We have the know-how and track record to bring content to market efficiently. We are curious to explore collaborations with authors, illustrators, publishers, game and film producers – all who have projects that share our passion for creative and technological excellence.

Essentially, the service collaborations are framed in one of two ways:

  • Technical Publishing CollaborationsClient collaborator provides completed digital assets (finalized text, illustrations, sounds etc.). We agree a straight fee for the digital creation of the title. Additions, and creative consulting done on an hourly basis. The title is published under the client collaborator’s marque.
  • Creative Publishing CollaborationsMoving Tales are involved in the creation of the content, as originators of story, editing, conceptual work, images, animation, sounds, and/or producers of the title. The fees and terms are done on a case by case basis, weighed according to the agreed roles. We publish under the Moving Tales marque and share revenues.
  • Please tell us about your project, by filling out our questionnaire.