Moving Tales releases one of the worlds First “Interactive” eBooks

December 8th – Vancouver, BC
Moving Tales the creators of the innovative worldwide best selling App The Peddlar Lady releases one of the world first Interactive eBooks: Elly’s Lost & Found Sounds!

Elly’s Lost & Found Sounds written and Illustrated by best selling author Jacqueline O Rogers, combines an enchanting story, original sounds, music, animation, and magical interactivity. Elly’s Lost & Found Sounds is a whole new reading and listening experience, release by Moving Tales for Apple’s bleeding edge eBook Technology.

Young children will be delighted to follow Elly as she discovers the delight and wonder of sounds. Elly’s Lost & Found Sounds was inspired by sounds. Soundscapes are all around us in the world, and sounds can awaken our presence in it. To listen, is to learn to be quiet. It is never too early or too late to give each moment your full listening attention whenever possible, and to explore the mysterious, not as quiet as you might think spaces between sounds.

Produced by innovative digital content creators Moving Tales, and written and illustrated by bestselling author Jacqueline O Rogers, we hope Elly’s Lost & Found Sounds inspires readers to find pleasure in the pure poetry of sounds everywhere.

» Download PDF of Press Release here


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