"Ebooks" vs "Book Apps"

This is a tricky question. The confusion is largely because the goalposts are seemingly always moving. In the most general sense, Ebooks are “electronic books” or “digital books”. Up until spring of 2010, a typical digital book was long form, whose primary "intelligence" or “interactivity” was changing the size of the font with the result that the books layout reflowed to accommodate this adjustment, bookmarking and such. This is the way of most of the offerings on most ebook readers. Once the iPad was introduced, new possibilities emerged. On the Ebook side of things, the iPad was particularly well suited for visually rich content - coffee table books, travel books, cook books and children’s books. This is in addition to their being a “Book” category in the App Store. In Apple's world, the big difference between Ebooks and "Book" Apps is the ecosystem in which they live. Apps are small applications sold in the App Store, Ebooks are sold in the iBookstore.


"Elly On-Line" FAQ's

“Elly Online” (or "Elly Web App") is a re-imagining of Moving Tales’s interactive Ebook “Elly’s Lost & Found Sounds”. “Elly’s Lost & Found Sounds” is a charming interactive story about the discovery of sounds, written & illustrated by bestselling authour Jacqueline O Rogers. Elly is available through the iBookstore. For the Web App/Online version of Elly, we have completely reformatted this tale to run on desktops & laptops using the most popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Safari). Elly Online features original artwork, charming voice over narration high-lighted falling text, animation and interactivity on every panel/page. Elly Online is free.
Yes, "Elly Online" cached in Firefox and Chrome work great. Load the app, view it and bookmark it. And bada boom, you should be able to view it without an internet connection.
On the Mac, you can create an easy to access web app icon for "Elly Online" by downloading and runninga free program called "Fluid". Fluid lets you create a Real Mac App (or "Fluid App") out of any website or web application, effectively turning your favorite web apps into OS X desktop apps. The other thing about running "Elly Online" via the Fluid App icon, is that it displays full screen, without any extraneous distractions.
Elly works best when the browser’s cache is emptied. Also, ensure your sound is up or you have headphones on.
Chrome and Firefox work best. Safari is good too.
Please ensure you are using the latest version of one of the following browsers: Chrome 26.0.1410.43, Firefox 19.0.2, Safari 6.0.2.
We have observed this behavior specifically with out of date versions of Chrome. "Elly Online" requires the latest upgrade to be able to access the state-of-the-art implementation that we have done.
No, you must use the latest versions of either Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
No. "Elly Online" is designed specifically for a desktop or laptop experience. There is lots going on in the "Elly Online"! "Elly Online" is utilizing state-of-the-art multi-media capabilities that are memory and processor intensive. We decided to disable its functioning on mobile devices due to the fact that we feel we cannot guarantee a quality user experience on most mobile devices, due to the large number of different mobile device manufacturers and models, each with different amounts of memory, processor speed and screen sizes, and differing implementations of their respective OS’s and browsers.


OS/Device Matters

Its best practice to use one of the latest iOS’s. Currently it is 5.0.1.
First generation iPad and up, second generation of iPhone and iPod Touch. Though the user experience benefits from the newer and faster devices.
All our titles - Apps and Ebooks - can also run on iPhones and iPod touches.
No, not at the moment.



We do publishing collaborative partnerships. Please go to our Service page and fill in the questionnaire.



We continue to explore print on demand options. We don't have any imminent announcements.
We are producing new stories regularly, sign-up for our news letter for new release announcements.
At the moment our storytelling apps are in English, French and Spanish. Yes, we are exploring other possible languages.
Soon. We’re working on it. Keep up-to-date by signing-up for MT News, please visit the ‘contact page’ on this website.
Sure, email resumes to info@moving-tales.com
By searching Moving Tales Inc. in the App Store. Moving Tales first four titles were Apps, sold under the "books" category. "Book Apps" is the closest category to what we are doing in the realm of Apps - which really is a mash-up of a storytelling, a book, a film and a piece of interactive art.
By searching Moving Tales Inc. in the iBookStore. We now have three Ebook titles for sale. With three more coming very soon.


Support/Stability Issues

In their recent iOS upgrade, Apple changed some of their System Frameworks, which caused the apps to be unstable when switching languages or voices. All of our apps now have been upgraded with stability fixes. Thanks for your patience.
Due to an administrative error, the app is mistakenly listed on the iTunes page as being in French, Spanish and English. We apologize for this mistake. We are not intending to translate the poem for the app. Because the poem is rhyming, we feel that it will not be possible to keep the rhythm and meanings as well as the rhymes in a Spanish or French translation.

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