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We present “eLLy Online”, a first story for your browser…

We’re excited to bring new life to our first children’s interactive Ebook story, “Elly’s Lost and Found Sounds”, re-imagined for your desktop and laptop, using your favorite browser.

Elly was originally born as an interactive iBook, but we didn’t want to stop there. This free version of the story, “Elly Online”, is an experiment – how does an interactive Ebook change when it’s made available as a free, browser based interactive experience for your laptop and/or desktop? With your help we’ll find out. Access “Elly Online” for free here and leave your comments and feedback here. And please share!

(Elly is also available in the iBookstore)

Elly’s Lost & Found Sounds was inspired by the world of sound around us. Written and Illustrated by best selling author Jacqueline O Rogers, Elly’s Lost & Found Sounds brings together an enchanting story, original sounds, music, animation, and magical interactivity throughout.

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Through our animated apps and enhanced ebooks, including the world-wide Best Selling, The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross, we explored and re-imagined age old tales as both Apps and Ebooks.

Bob Tedeschi, of the New York Times, writes our apps “might be the best glimpse yet into what iPads can deliver to the storytelling experience.”  In awarding The Pedlar Lady their coveted One Star, Kirkus Reviews wrote “A magisterial rendition, with the digital bells and whistles kept firmly in service to the story.” Some of our fan’s hundreds of five star iTunes reviews: “Breathtaking – I am totally awed”, “The Rebirth of Storytelling”, “Redefines the meaning of a book”, “Really Freakin’ Cool!”

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