Education Questionnaire

Tell us about you. Please fill in your contact details, including email address.

We will provide material for different age groups. What age group are you most interested in:
pre-KK-3rd gradegrades 4-7grades 8-10grades 10-12post secondaryContinuing/Adult education

What subject matter :
EnglishDramatic ArtsStorytellingVisual ArtsMedia ArtsELL (English Language Learner)ESL (English Second Language)After School ProgramHomeschoolingSelf Teaching

Is your interest in these MT resources for
Classroom UseAfter School UseLibrary UseOther

From what perspective are you interested in these resources?
TeachingLibrarianAdministrativePolicyResearchParentingVisual ArtistTheatreStorytellingOther

How many iPads do you have access to:

How many iPod Touches do you have access to:

Do you have a classroom technology budget:

If you have a classroom technology budget, is this for:
hardware onlysoftware onlycontent onlyhardware & softwaresoftware & contenthardware, software & content

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