Browser Version of Elly’s Lost & Found Sounds

We’re excited to announce the launch of “Elly’s Lost & Found Sounds” as a free browser based interactive story.

Based on the interactive iBook of the same name, anyone with a laptop or desktop web browser can read “Elly’s Lost and Found Sounds” for free online by visiting

As you may or may not know, “Elly Online” is written and illustrated by our own Jacqueline O Rogers. Like the original iBook, “Elly Online” is an enchanting story with original sounds, music, animation, and magical interactivity. By visiting anyone with a laptop or desktop web browser can read “Elly’s Lost and Found Sounds” for free.

Why make Elly free to read, to share, to show your grandma?

It’s a test of free and open distribution. We’re exploring the meaning and value of stories in today’s hyper-connected and abundant content world and what role creators like us play in it. By making our content easy to experience and easy to share, we hope to grow our fan base, introduce more people to our existing titles (including the “Elly’s Lost and Found Sounds” iBook) and build allies in the digital space.

As you know, our expertise lies in creating iOS Apps and Ebooks, so creating a browser based interactive story experience was a new challenge. There’s no shortage of content online, but there is a shortage of compelling and meaningful experiences. We hope to build closer relationships to people who care about those experiences, allowing them to choose to support our work.

We hope we’ved delivered. You’ll have to try it out and let us know how we did.

Experience “Elly’s Lost and Found Sounds” in your browser

“Elly Online” works best on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. “Elly’s Lost and Found Sounds” interactive iBook is available in the iBookstore

PS. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing more about this project, our experience and future plans. You should probably subscribe for updates.

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